Journey to the Underworld: Meeting Persephone


The end of Winter had surely begun. The yearning for the flowers’ bloom and the chirp of birds that fill the air, were undoubtedly about to begin. In search of the beauty that lie before us, we would travel to the underworld. A long and dangerous road lay ahead. Would we have the courage to enter the door past the gateway to meet Persephone and invite her to accompany us on our journey back to our living realm?

The Dark Moon’s presence was above us. We did not see her but she was there. Overseeing our space as she always does.  The rustling leaves in the trees made songs that the trees themselves danced freely for us. All had fallen into place for us to embark upon this journey to the underworld. The passage through the underworld would be difficult. Preparation for the journey was essential.

“Once arrived and face to face with the door, would I dare to enter. I know I didn’t come all this way, seen all the things my eyes won’t forget, and hear the sounds my mouth will not dare speak. Yes. Yes, I will open the door, and I shall enter.”

The door opens on its own. Of course it would, for She knows I come to see her. The radiant beauty that sits enthroned before me is indescribable. A breathtaking sight. She is Persephone, Goddess of the Spring, Queen of the Underworld. “Enter and speak. Why are you here?” The moments that followed, I will keep with me for all the days of my life. I left the underworld with a gift from Persephone. A single Pomegranate seed. With that, I ascended up and out, into this realm.

The next morning, the sun’s magnificent rays were shinning bright. The sky was a perfect blue without adornments of clouds. A gentle breeze caressed my face as I sat upon the blades of grass and gazed at the bees and butterflies that visited my garden. The songs of birds were plentiful and there was life once more. There was beauty that can only be described with one word. Spring.


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