Bridge of the Summit ~ A Gateway

I walk along these walls of black jagged rock that glisten from the faint glow of the spaced out lit torches. There is a stillness in the stagnant air. It’s quiet here. The only sounds that fill my ears, are the steps I take as I go forth. The path inside this darkness twists downward in a subtle decline. It twists and twists and as I continue my journey on this downward spiral, I know I’m exactly where I need to be. There is a faint light up ahead and it is an opening to a giant space. It’s a void inside this place of darkness with a light shinning it’s glow in the center of this space. The light is coming from a small fire pit placed above a small pillar. There are others gathered around this pit. I walk on, closer and closer toward the place where they all stand. A narrow bridge of stone now stands before me but I cannot walk ahead, for there is a guardian who stops me. Exquisite skin and amber red hair, dressed in feathers, fur and woven cloth. She asks me who I am and why I am here. I answer with silence, but she is not pleased. She begins to speak but I say out  loud and my voice echoes against these walls,

“I am she who brings the light. I am she who carries love. My colors are the spectrum of life. I am Iris”

She steps aside and welcomes me. As I walk forward onto the bridge, images & sounds enrapture  me. I hear powerful rumbles of thunder, and I hear the wings of something large brushing the winds upon my face, I feel the messages of hope in my heart, and I suddenly loose my sight. I keep moving forward on this bridge, relying on my senses to help me on this path. I will not fall into the bottomless pits on either side of me. I walk on. Upon reaching the end of the bridge, my sight returns and I find myself among these beings. I see them all and I know I’ve met them before. I know who they are. We have gathered together in this time and this place. We have each crossed our own bridges, our own journeys we have traveled, through times that are neither here nor there.  And when our tasks are complete, we will once again continue our journeys and cross more bridges. These bridges are the road for all to reach the Divine plane, and I am on my journey, expelling  my fears to cross what bridges may come.


~ written by luna lioness 2012 ~


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