For the love of Aphrodite

I think that one of the interesting things about working with a goddess like Aphrodite is that I often feel like no one sees her the way I see her. When I see other devotees’ relationship with this magnificent goddess, I think, “No, she’s mine!”  (silly, jealous me). Then I laugh at myself because I am so badly under her spell, aren’t I?

The Aphrodite that I work with, the one who apparently has been with me always, the one whom I handed over my heart to and created my first altar to – is rarely found when I’m looking at other people who worship her.  I definitely view Aphrodite as a love goddess (among other things), and a popular perception of her is that she’s only a sex goddess. I’ve seen skeptical people who mock at the idea of working with Aphrodite for a loving relationship. The goddess who visits me has no problems with this.

Aphrodite has helped in my most emotionally heart-wrenching and painful moments. She has shown me to be strong. She has embraced me when I’m drowning in sorrow. She has taught me how to love myself. She has even come through to help someone else with love, when I asked her for help on their behalf. She is many things. A sex and rapture goddess, a goddess of pleasure and procreation, a goddess of beauty and promiscuity, but she is also a goddess of love.

The true Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love, is Aphrodite Ourania, the Celestal Aphrodite.  She is not other than the Divine Love Herself, in the form of spiritual devotion on the part of humans and loving care on the part of Dea. She is also the source of all earthly beauty and of human love in its purest and truest form, in which the love of the beauty of mind, body, and soul in other creatures is a stepping-stone toward the Divine Love Herself.

Once we understand this, the allure which so many feel toward Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love becomes clear in all its beauty.


2 thoughts on “For the love of Aphrodite

  1. AlbinoBard says:

    This. So much this. Even down to the “No, She’s mine!” jealousy thing that then gets laughed off seconds later.

  2. willowmoon88 says:

    Very well written! I have been studying the craft for five years, and I have not yet found that one God or Goddess who has called out to me! You are very lucky and I admire your relationship with the Goddess!!

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