A Divine Calling

It was last summer during a monthly pagan study group when I first me Her. We were learning about all forms of divination used in witchcraft. From casting runes, to making our own pendulums, and glancing at various Tarot decks; We were all enjoying ourselves and all the new and exciting ways of communicating with the Divine. I picked up a Tarot deck called The Goddess Oracle Deck by Amy Sophia Marashinsky, Illustrated by Hrana Janto. [http://www.hranajanto.com/goddessgallery/GGF-all.html] I was simply glancing through the deck, admiring each card for its artistic beauty, when suddenly I came upon a card and I could not proceed.  The card I was face to face was that of Brighid.

Brigid ~ Inspiration by Goddess Oracle Tarot

There was something powerful working here. Something I did not comprehend. Who was this goddess Brigid? Why had I stopped on this card and what was I supposed to do now? So many questions arose from this moment, and thus my search began. I researched via the web for any information I could find about the goddess Brighid, and there was more than I could handle. She is a very well-known Celtic goddess; She was even a Christian Saint. Now that I had more knowledge of who She was, what was I to do with this information, and more importantly, what did she want with me (someone who up until that point in time, had no idea who she even was)?

I was going through a difficult time in my life and had recently begun oil painting again as a way of self-healing and refocusing. The goddess Brighid, among many other things, is a goddess of healing and inspiration. It is no wonder I drew her to me, but why her and not a different goddess? The questions kept coming, and I couldn’t find answers fast enough.  After much research, learning about Brighid, and meditation, I came to realize that Brighid is my patron goddess. She came to me at this very moment because this was the moment my heart was open to receive her. She had been with me always but it was only now that I was able to see Her.

One year later, having built a very good relationship with this beautiful goddess, I came to a new mountain, a new task. I needed to do more with this. I needed to honor Her in a very special way for all she had done for me within this past year. I didn’t struggle much with this decision. Perhaps because I asked her how I could serve her better and how I could honor her properly. Soon the answer came, just as it always does when I state my clear intentions to her.

A dear friend of mine attended a ritual where the high priestess was someone I had recently met. That night, my friend discovered that the high priestess was a daughter of Brighid. She must have mentioned that I was too, a daughter of Brighid, and soon after, I was contacted by the high priestess. We spoke about Brighid and among that conversation, she mentioned she was a Flame Keeper of the sacred fires of Brighid. As a Flame Keeper, the expectation is that during the 20-day cycle, you will tend the flame on the day of your shift for as much of the day as possible, taking safety into consideration.The longer you are able to tend, the more energy the cell will be able to generate: an offering to this world and the other world, as well as to Brighid. The day is not spent merely ensuring that the candle doesn’t get out of control – it is a day spent, as much as possible, in meditation, reflection and devotion – in whatever form – to Brighid. For some, this may mean a day of fasting, for others, a day of indulgence. For some a day of quiet meditation, for others a day of joyous celebration. It is making devotion to Brigid personal, and connecting with Her in whatever way moves you as an individual.

I tended the Eternal Flame of Brighid for the very first time on August 2nd, 2012, two days before my birth day. Here is the altar I created for the Hearth Goddess, the Goddess of Inspiration & Poetry, the Goddess of Smithwork, the Exalted One, the Goddess of Imbolc, Goddess of Healing, Fertility Goddess and Celtic Triple Goddess, Brighid.


I welcome your comments, leave a reply! Blessed Be!

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