My Spiritual Journey

The road has been a long one and for some periods the road ended and I found myself walking through the woods.

in the woods

Walking, running, walking… the woods got dense, then cleared a bit, then even darker at times, only to find myself at a beautiful clearing.  It was as if the trees themselves parted to allow me through and created a living, breathing circle around me and this perfect crystalline lake at my feet. I could smell the wilderness around me that matched what my center had kept secret from me for so long. That wild woman had broken free of the chains of society and of what is considered “the norm” and of what is expected.


A wild woman I was, there in that moment, dancing free of care, songs pouring from the depth of my center. I had been embraced at that very moment by the divine in its truest form. The beautiful mother earth was sharing with me who she is, who she has been in her majesty and in the raw, and I, I was understanding her language.

dancing in the woods

Life has opened up so much more since I found my inner light and self. The universe has shaken to awake me, and awake I am. I am prepared to continue this journey with passion and patience. It is not complicated. It is quite simple. You create what you think, amplified by your heart felt emotions; attracting to you the mirror of You.  The answers we seek never come when the mind is busy, they come when the mind is still.  I haven’t changed. I just woke up or rather, every day I am waking up. Every moment brings things to new light.

One of my favorite saying is,

 “Whenever you hear or read anything of a spiritual nature that moves you or touches your soul, you are not learning something…you are remembering what you have always known. It is a gentle awakening.” 

Where will your journey take you?



I welcome your comments, leave a reply! Blessed Be!

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