Blessed Mabon

On the arrival of the Autumn Equinox I will share with you a pomegranate spell.

This spell is to advance spritual development and attain wisdom.

BACKGROUND                                                                                                                                                                                                  At Mabon, the hours of daylight and darkness are balanced before darkness prevails. Around this time, many trees shed leaves, fruit and seed, and nature prepares for the deep cold of winter. There are numerous world myths to explain this seasonal change, many involving a descent into the underworld, to the land of the dead.

For this spell, you will need:

  • a charcoal disk in a fireproof dish
  • a purple candle
  • matches/lighter
  • two tablespoons of dried dittany of Crete
  • one whole pomegranate
  • a sharp knife

TIMING                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Cast this spell at Mabon

As part of your Mabon celebrations and in a properly prepared circle, work as follows:

Light the charcoal disk. Then the candle saying:

“I call upon Inanna, Queen of Heaven, Earth, and the land of the dead, wise beyond reckoning, to bless my spirit quest and guide my footsteps through the darkness.”

Sprinkle the dittany onto the charcoal. Slice open the pomegranate, then extract six stones and eat them.
close your eyes
Imagine yourself sinking into the darkness behind your eyelids, going deep into the dark, where there is nothing but silence. Remain there for as long as possible, then slowly return to the circle. When ready, blow out the candle. Each day at sunset, light and burn the candle for one hour until gone. Bury the pomegranate deep in your garden (or a deep flower pot if you don’t have a garden), and keep a dream diary throughout the winter.
~Pomegranate Spell- “The Spells Bible”, Ann-Marie Gallagher ~
On this day of equal light and darkness
may the God of the Harvest guide you,
so that you may find the balance in your life,
and may you be blessed with wisdom
by the Great Mother.
So mote it be!