My journey through witchraft in search of healing

I have been a witch at heart for as long as I can remember. Although I didn’t know how to identify it being that I grew up in the Catholic faith. I admit I was pretty lucky as I was never forced to continue going to church or bible studies when I was old enough to decide, which for me was about age 12. I’m not saying that I renounced my religion. On the contrary, I embraced the spirituality of it even more once I began upholding the faith I had learned because it was now in my heart, in my soul, in my hands.

I had several tragic life-changing moments when growing up. I was sexually abused and molested by two predators, both whom I knew. And later in life, I also suffered a great illness, when I was diagnosed with End-Stage Renal disease at the age of 18. These things scarred my soul and when added to heartache from a failed marriage and the inability to bear children, it was more than I could take. Depression followed along with self loathing and lets just say I was in a very dark and lonely place.

I had always been curious about Wicca ever since I was 16 years old, when I wrote a research paper on the subject for English class in high school. I didn’t know that this would be tattooed deep within me and would serve as the light within that grew over the next two decades. Later in life, when my life had seem to have fallen apart, is when I began my practice as a witch. I had not turned my back on Christianity but in turn, I had blended both in a gradual concoction that worked for me. I read some books I had acquired over time about Wicca, and I began to incorporate it more and more into my life.

It was the refocusing of doing something purely selfish, something that was solely for me and me alone, that began the healing process for my pain-ridden soul. I did not know that this is what I was doing but it is a decision I am truly grateful to myself for having taken those steps. I acquired some magickal tools (which I now find aren’t necessary, just fun & sparkly to use) and I embarked upon a magickal journey that has brighten my life in every possible way.

I have healed myself. I have healed my soul. I am a new woman. I am not Wiccan. I am not Christian. I am a beautiful soul who is learning how to continue to heal and grow beautiful each and every day. I am walking the path my heart and my mind are guiding me to follow. I trust myself and I have undying faith with the purest of hearts. I am healthy now and taking care of that aspect of my life with the utmost dedication. I will not neglect any part of me, for I now love all of me. I am happy. I am a woman. I am a witch.


Healing Waters of Sulis

Sulis (Sul, Sulei, Sulla) is Celtic-Roman goddess known primarily from Bath, England (originally Aquae Sulis), now in Sommerset, where 38 inscriptions dedicated to her have been found. She is assciated with the Roman Goddess, Minerva and at Cirencester she is invoked in the plural form (Suleviae), linked to a good many widely revered divine mothers, who frequently appear with two or three primary aspects to their character. Her iconography is that of a solar deity, but she is a healing goddess, associated with hot springs and healing waters. Sulis’s name come from a root meaning “eye” or “gap”, referring both to the spring from where half a million gallons of hot water still well up every day, as well as to Her powers as seeress.

I evoked Sulis after having had a very difficult decline with my health. The stuggles were becoming more than I could bare and I desperately desired to feel healthy once again. I was waiting for a kidney transplant for over 5 years and once I was blessed with a new kidney, my focus became protection. I wanted to not only rebuild my life, but also restore my physical self to ensure a long, healthy future for this new kidney. That is when I evoked Sulis. You see, the key to prolonging a transplanted kidney is not just to take your meds and take care of your body, but to drink plenty of fluids, specifically water. And after more than 6 years on dialysis and unable to ingest large quantities of water, I feared that I would not be able to drink the required amounts of water necessary to maintain this kindey’s function at its peak.

Sulis, the goddess of healing waters was just the divine essence I needed to help me though this journey. With her healing waters I not only cleansed myself externally but also from within. In less than 3 months, I was taken off most of the medications, and was given a new clean bill of health. It was as if this new kindey and I were destined to be together. The Goddess Sulis says that the ways you manage your energy can mean the difference between illness and wellness. Illness is the time to direct the flow of energy inward; wellness is the time for energy to be focused outward.

Sulis Invocation

Lady of the sacred well
And holy springs,
You, whose cold waters
Cleanse our hearts
And clear our minds
Of the collected grime
Of everyday life,
You who inspire us
With one sip from your flowing stream,
You, who hold our secrets
And give us respite,
Keep us clean and flowing,
Water bearer, water giver,
Like the purest spring,
And may our depths
Echo with your song.

Hail Sulis, Goddess of Healing Waters!


~ invocation written by Pagan Book of Hours: ~